Cumberland, Md., July 18, 1911

A special meeting of the Allegany County Commissioners was held and one of the topics discussed was the appropriation for a police station in Mt. Savage. Here is an excerpt of that special meeting.

A delegation from Mt. Savage, consisting of Rev. Father Dowling, Clinton Uhl and W. Bladen Lowndes, together with States Attorney David A. Robb, appeared before the Board and asked for an appropriation for a police station for Mt. Savage, the town not being incorporated.

Rev. Father Dowling said that Mt. Savage was known as a wide open town, and that law and order was fast getting to be a thing in name only. Mr. Robb and Mr. Lowndes both pleaded for an appropriation, saying that conditions there, on account of the number of drunks, was appalling. As the town had no place to put them, they were laying about the streets and in the gutters, beastly intoxicated.

The county commissioners told the delegation that they would go to Mt. Savage in the afternoon of today, and look over the situation relative to lockup being located there.

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