by Roberta Lashley Bonnici, Class of 1957
(Written in 1963, after closing of old
Mt. Savage School, grades I - 9.)
Copyright 2002

Oh school house standing empty.
I know you're lonely too.
You miss the noisy children
The way that I miss you.

Our new school's big and perfect;
The plaster doesn't fall.
But still I miss the happy times
We had inside your walls.

Your rooms were mostly bare and cold,
But friendships grew up there.
I know that I will not forget
The joys we used to share.

We ran and played at recess time.
In winter, what a thrill!
We wore out many snowsuit seats
While sliding down that hill!

You've watched us grow from children small,
You've seen our secret tears.
You've guarded and protected us,
You've loved us through the years.

You've watched the rubber hose descend.
(We pull the curtain here!)
Yet through those painful, trying times
We've grown to hold you dear.

Report card days are over now.
The tests have ended too.
Those happy years flew quickly by.
Now we've just thoughts of you.

For seven years I dreamed about
The day that we would part.
But now with fondest memories.
I hold you in my heart.

Your ancient walls are crumbling,
Your rooms are empty too.
I know your heart is breaking
For your memories aren't few.

I love you, dear old lonesome school,
I love your every brick.
I love your spit-balled ceiling
Where the plaster wouldn't stick.

I love your roof that often leaked,
I love your splintering floors.
I love your broken window panes,
I love your drafty doors.

Oh school house standing empty.
Your days of work are through.
Yet won't you sometimes think of me?
For I often think of you.