Mount Savage Time Line and Obituaries

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Late 1700’s: The Archibald Arnold Family become the first residents of Mount Savage settling at the site of what now is known as the Glen Savage Dairy Farm.

1792: The first Mass is celebrated in Arnold's Hotel.

1791 First Catholic death in Allegany County (established in 1789) recorded as John Arnold (April 26, 1791).

1793 First Catholic Mass celebrated at Arnold’s Settlement by Rev. Stephen Theodore Badin, first priest ordained in America, in travels via Braddock’s Road from Baltimore to Pittsburgh.

1795-1799 Mass celebrated infrequently at Arnold’s Settlement by Rev. Demetrius Augustine Galitzin, second priest ordained in America, a circuit rider.

1799-1810 Mass celebrated occasionally at Arnold’s Settlement by Rev. Felix Brosius of Taneytown, Galitzin’s traveling companion.

1810-1812 Mass celebrated occasionally at Arnold’s Settlement by Rev. Nicholas Zocchi of Taneytown.

1812-1819 Mass celebrated occasionally at Arnold’s Settlement by Rev. Matthew Ryan of Hagerstown.

1819-1825 Mass celebrated regularly (three or four times a year) at Arnold’s Settlement by Rev. Timothy Ryan, a missionary, named pastor at St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Cumberland, in 1822.

1825: Saint Ignatius’ Catholic Church was constructed.

1831: Founders of the Union Mining Company get a land grant in Mount Savage.

1834: The first of the iron furnaces construction began.

1837   An act to Incorporate the Maryland and New York Iron and Coal Company.   (Incorporation of the M_NYI_CC)

1838: March 12th, Maryland and New York Iron and Coal Company was incorporated.

1839: The Maryland and New York Iron and Coal Company iron works began construction. Construction was completed in 1843.

1839: A seam of fire clay of superior quality is found near Mount Savage.

1840 Dec 17. - Jennon's Run Post Office was started.

1841: Mount Savage Fire Brick Works was established by Union Mining Co.

1841: After several years of experimentation the first fire clay bricks were produced in Mount Savage and are used as blast furnace linings.

1841: The Episcopal church was established in Mount Savage.

1842  William Young ...President of the Maryland and New York Iron and Coal Company (reference

1842 Andrew Bruce M.D.  appointed Physician and Surgeon for the Iron Works

1840 September 20 - Mt Savage RR opens the extension to Frostburg coal fields.

1843: The rolling mill construction was completed and operation started.

Mr. Robert Briggs built the Glendon Rolling Mill at East Boston and the Mt. Savage Rolling Mill in Maryland. From 1875 to 1878, he was the editor of the " Journal " of the Franklin Institute.

1844 Spring  Mount Savage Rolling Mill (Maryland & New York Iron & Coal Company) rolls first U.S. Iron Rail (42# U-rail):
    later in year rolls 50# T-rail for railroad between Boston and Fall River. (R R History)

1844: February, The B&O Railroad signs its first commercial contract to carry large scale shipments of coal from Mt. Savage, Maryland to Mt. Clare, Maryland. B&O signs traffic contract with Maryland & New York Iron & Coal Company of Mount Savage for first large-scale coal shipments.

1844  New York Mining Company Incorporate  (Incorporate the New York Mining Company).

   Independent Order of Odd Fellows, in the State of Maryland. (Incorporation of Odd Fellows Lodge 1844)

1845 Maryland & New York Iron & Coal Company constructs 10 mile railroad from Mt Savage to Cumberland
    thru the Narrows to connect with the B&O. This railroad was built with "U" rail produced in Mt Savage

1845: March 10th, the Mount Savage Lodge, number forty-three, of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows was incorporated.

1845: April 1st,the Mount Savage Railroad was completed and operational between Cumberland and Mount Savage.

1845: Saint Georges’ Episcopal Church was constructed.

1846: June 29th, the Maryland and New York Iron and Coal Company borrowed $30,000 from Samuel Semmes. Said mortgage included 9 miles of Railroad from Mt. Savage to Cumberland, Mines, Furnaces, all equipment, Horses, Mules, all personal property, etc. (Liber 1 Folio 788)

1846: December 3rd, said company was transferred to Joseph Weld, Thomas Weld, John Folliott Powell, and Robert S. Palmer. All 3072-7/8 acres of land known as Mt. Savage etc. (Liber 2 Folio 212)

1846  May 14     Heavy rains washed out a 100 ft section of the Mt Savage Railroad.

1846 J.M. Powel elected President of the MT Savage Iron Works

1846 50 home were under construction. 3 miles of rail road were washed out by spring rain, also a bridge over Jennings Run. (The Great Road, Building the B&O RR )

1847 Feb. 4   Jennon's Run Post Office name was changed to Mount Savage Post Office

10893: Samuel M. Semmes vs. Maryland & New York Iron & Coal Co. AL. Mortgage foreclosure on the Mount Savage Railroad. Recorded (Chancery Record) 171, p. 744.
Accession No.: 17,898-10893-1/2 MSA S512-14-10738 Location: 1/39/3/

1847    March 1   Lulworth  Iron Company Incorporated   ( Incorporation of the Lulworth Iron Company  )

1847 summer, Blast Furnace shut down. In August 1847, the local press announced that on the seventh of October the Mount Savage Works would be sold at public auction. Mt Savage population around 4000.

1847 -1850 Company Doctor Andrew Bruce of Somerset Pa. (Jefferson Medical College)

1847: November 11th, Moses Rawlings (Sheriff) transferred to John F. Winslow and Erastus Corning all land, mills, furnaces, brick yard, etc., except the property of Harriett Weld for $29,512.00. (January 8,1848 Liber 4 Folio 19)

1848: January 8th, Moses Rawlings (Sheriff) transferred to John M. Forbes. Same as above except price was $111,710.00. (Liber 4 Folio 25)

1848: February 7th, The Lulworth Iron Company changed its name to the Mount Savage Iron Company (Act of 1847. Chapter 57)

1848: The Maryland and New York Iron and Coal Company failed and the assets were sold to the Mount Savage Iron Company. Lulworth also aquired the Mount Savage Railroad.

 1849  Md. Session Law    An act to incorporate the Wellersburg and Jennings' Run Rail Road company.
An act amendatory of an act entitled, an act to incorporate the Parker Vein Coal Company, passed at December session, 1849, chapter 56.

1850: The Mount Savage Iron Company completed the Canal Wharf in Cumberland

1850   March  13   C&P Railroad Incorporated (C_PRR info from the MD Archives )

1850  The Cumberland Coal & Iron Company, chartered in 1850, purchased the Maryland Mining Company's mines and railroad in April 1852, including the village of Eckhart. The railroad was operated by the new company until 1870. In that year, Cumberland Coal & Iron was itself acquired by Consolidation Coal. The Eckhart Branch and the Potomac Wharf Branch then became part of the Cumberland & Pennsylvania Railroad, also owned by Consolidation Coal.

1850  December  Mount Savage Ironworks produces 1,000 tons of rails for the Utica and Schenectady Railroad. Albany businessman-politician Erastus Corning owns stock in the former and is president of the latter.

1851  Blast furnace operations continue  (We are gratified to learn that the Blast furnaces at this important place [the Mount Savage Iron Works] are now in full operation, and that on Monday next the Rolling Mill will again go into operation for the manufacture of the celebrated Compound Rail that has already won so much reputation throughout the country. ) Cumberland Times

1851 Compound Rail made at the Iron Works started to gain popularity designed by J.F. Winslow

1853  230 people were confirmed at St Ignatius on Sunday June 19th.

1853 A Bronze medal was awarded to the Irons Work for Pig Iron and Coke by the New York Crystal Palace Exhibit

1853  May 24 - P. Manning Stryker assumed  the charge St Georges Church.

1853 The SS Mount Savage was built in Philadelphia for the Parker Vein Coal Company. Later renamed to the USS Memphis. Served in the Paraguay expedition and Served off the coast of Africa to stop slave ships.

1854: January, The railroad interests of the Mount Savage Iron Company were transferred to the newly incorporated Cumberland and Pennsylvania Railroad Company.

1854 Mt. Savage has display at the New York Industrial Exhibition ( pig iron, wrought iron and samples of brick, fire clay and coke. )

1855  Steam Brake was Patented (old chain brake) by William Loughridge, installed on C&P cars.

1856: The rolling mill ceased operation.

1856 : Mount Savage had a reading room, established in 1856

1857 John W. Brown invent "rolls" for the manufacture of " T " rails

1857 The works were shut down in December 1857, but resumed operations of both the smelting and rolling operations in the spring to make rails and fulfill a government contract for cannonballs.

1850"s   Frostburg tunnel constructed. 
Originally constructed in the pre-Civil War years of the mid 1850s, the subdivision served as a mainline for the Cumberland & Pennsylvania Railroad between Cumberland, MD, and Westernport, MD. Following the Civil War, coal production expanded in the Georges Creek Valley as did the numerous branch lines to serve the many coal loaders. This boom along with C&P passenger trains between the many mining towns made this line a high density piece of railroad, like many coal railroads of that era.

1860  An act to incorporate the Consolidation Coal Company.  Incorporation of the  Consolidation Coal Company)

1860 Rector of St Georges George Henry Jinks A.B.
Charles R Lowell accepts position of manage for the Mt Savage Iron Works
Charles E. Perkins .... Assistant Treasurer

1860 William Cullen Bryant wrote about Mt Savage for the New York Evening Post

1861: Large scale fire brick manufacture began. Mount Savage bricks were in demand by other industries because of the superior quality of the native clay.

One of the earliest wire tram systems in this country was a line built for the Mount Savage Fire Brick and Mining Company, by Mr. E. G. Spilsbury, who was then the American representative of the Hodgson Wire Rope Tramway Company.

1862: Construction began on Saint Patrick's’ Catholic Church.

1863 C&P acquires Georges Creek RR

1864  Union Mining Company of Allegany County  Incorporated   (Incorporate the Union Mining Company)

1864   Mt Savage Iron Works and Frostburg Coal Company  combine to form Consolidated Coal Company.   A.J. Center President.

1864  Jan. 26   C&P Railroad purchase of Georges Creek Coal and Iron Company and Railroad.

1865: Saint Patrick's Catholic Church was formally dedicated

1865-1870 Henry Weber and Brother open a market garden

1866: The C&P locomotive shops were established in Mt. Savage under the direction of James Millholland and employed as many as 600 men.

1867     Proceedings and Acts of the General Assembly,   Statement of receipts and outlays, is presented:  ( C_P1867response )

1867-1868 Herbert Codman Clapp taught private school. Went on to receive an MD degree from Harvard.

1867 C&P RR     J.W. Sauerbach  Master Car Builder

1868: The Cumberland and Pennsylvania Railroads’ Mt. Savage Shops produced its first home-built locomotive, and until the 1940s, built or rebuilt one hundred steam locomotives and other rolling stock.

1870: February 28th, Consolidated Coal Company to the Mt. Savage Fire Brick and Mining Company conveyed all the described deed from the Mount Savage Iron Company to the Union Mining Company.

1870  Blast furnace was in Blast for the last time in early spring

1870-1873  Charles Penick  Rector of St Georges Church

1870 C&P acquires Eckhart Branch RR

1871: February 19th, the Masonic Lodge was founded.

1872   C&P Officials   Superintendent - C. Slack
                                    Master Machinist W. Jordan

1872 Trustees of Union Mining Company  Franklin H. Delano and James Roosevelt  

1874: WARREN DELANO III, after graduating from Harvard University in 1874 he joined the management of the Union Mining Company at Mt. Savage, Maryland.

1874 Mt savage citizen donate $300 to Chicago after the great Chicago fire.

1874 April 8, Allen Campbell resigns as General Superintendent of C&P (Reference,M1

1875: The rolling mill was dismantled to make room for enlargement of the brick plant.

1875: Father Patrick F. O'Connor came and remained until his death in 1894.

He built the first St. Patrick's Hall, which also served as a school conducted by lay teachers. He played the flute and often entertained his guests by a private after dinner concert--the highest compliment.

1877  Chas F Mayer becomes president of the C&P Railroad and Consolidation Coal Company.

1878 Master of Machinery, Henry T. Bruck


1880: Justice of the Peace, James Warren appointed April 14,1880

1881 Dr. Thomson Union Mining Co. Doctor. (College Clinical Record 1912)

1882: Edward Cardinal Mooney was born in Old Row.

1882 The McMullen Brothers open store in Mt Savage located in the Varnum House on Foundry Row.

HOCKING, GEORGE H. 1883. Born at Frostburg, Md., 1855. M.D., University of Maryland, 1879; Chief Surgeon to Cumberland and Pennsylvania Railroad, Mount Savage, Md., 1882-97


The period beginning in 1883 was a busy one for heavy manufacturing in Mt. Savage. A locomotive catalog was issued for the Works by their agent, Thomas B. Inness & Co. of Broadway, New York. The catalog listed five types of engines for sale. Numerous sales resulted.. Narrow gauge engines proved so popular a product that the works installed a third rail up the main line from Mt. Savage for customer acceptance testing. The narrow gauge equipment, 4 of the 5 types listed in the catalog, was all of the Paul pattern. It is unclear if the relationship between Paul and Mt. Savage deteriorated. In any case, the Mt. Savage Shops shipped quite a few narrow gauge engines of the Paul pattern. Up to that point, Mt. Savage had only built standard gauged units. Ref : (Patrick H. Stakem)

1884: Justice of the Peace, John Lavelte and James Warren appointed March 28,1884. Term 2 years.

1886  Union Mining Company  inaugurate a profit-sharing system .

1886 Thomas Ressk Marsh became pastor of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

1887 C&P Charter filed with the State of  West Virginia

1887 Maryland Code of 1878, section 170, article 40 ended the practice of a Company Store

MT. SAVAGE  1887    Population 2,000. 

Is on the Cumberland & Penn Railroad, nine miles N.W. of Cumberland; the village is situated on surrounding hills, 100 to 300 ft. above the railroad tracks, which are in a valley, making the altitude over 1500 ft above sea level. The climate is especially fine and healthy. Most all the officers of the Union Mining Co. and of the C. & P.R. R. live here. The population of Mt Savage is fully up to business requirements. The land is good for potatoes, grain, &c. All the available farming land is cleared. The timbered land is well cut out and thinned; white oak, black oak, red oak, chestnut, sugar maple, hickory, locust, with some white pine yet standing. Land sells exclusive of mineral rights from $200 to $400 per acre and produces an average crop, which is generally good. Mt. Savage first became worthy of note by the erection of a rolling mill in 1839 and two blast furnaces in 1840. The first operations were carried on by a company of English capitalists, but subsequently the property changed hands and was operated by the Mt Savage Iron Company," an essentially American concern. In the Mt Savage Mill were rolled the first rails made on the Western Continent; in honor of which a medal was awarded by the "Franklin Institute." For a number years these iron works, alternately prosperous and struggling against adverse circumstances, gave employment to a large number of operatives; population of Mt. Savage being then something over 4,000 souls. In the mill was closed. At the blast furnace several subsequent attempts were made to compete with more modern furnaces; but at present they too are lying in idleness. Of the rolling mill scarcely a trace is now visible, as as been dismantled to make room tor other works. The present industries from which Mt Ravage derives its life, are: The manfacture of fire brick (began as early as 1842), iron and brass foundries and the minnnig of coal and fire clay; all operated by the Union Mining Co. operated by McGowan, Wright & Co. of Pittsburg, James Skelding, Sup't, here manufacture by a new process merchantable pig iron furnace slack and cinder; they employ a number of operatives. On the site of the old rolling mill are being erected new and enlarged works or the manufacture of fire brick and other clay ware, which are expected to be occupied by the beginning of 18';S. The old brick works will then be dismantled. There is one public and one private school.

St. Patrick's Roman Catholic, Rev. F. F. O'Connor
St. George's Episcopal Church, Rev. J. W. Nott; M. B., Rev. H. Clay Smith
Postmaster H. J. Kenah.
    Rainsford, Geo E
    Union Mining Co
Master Carpenter.
    Renix, Nathan
Brass Founders
    Union Mining Co
Furnace Co.
    Mt Savage Furnace Co
Master Mechanic.
    Vanhorne, J F
    Shafer, Ryan
Gas Furnaces
    MacGowan, Wright & Co
Master Mechanic-Ass't.
    Howson, N W
Boots and Shoes
    Barth, John
    Callaghan, Edward
    Callaghan, F
    Ewalt, Henry
    Miller, Joseph
General Merchandise.
    Carney, A J
    Clarke, Martin
    Manley, Edward
    Munn, S A
    Thrasher, Ephraim
    Thrasher, P J
    Williamson & Co
    Yates, Thomas
Master of Transportation
    Kenah, H J
    Logsdon, John
    Snyder, Joseph
Groceries and Provisions.
    Stevens, Mrs Jane
    Coombs, John S
Clerk and Time-keeper.
    Wack, C B
    Mt Savage, B O'Donnell
    Varnum, Miss S J Ryland
    Thomson, Alexander
Com. Merchants.
    Williamson & Co
Ice Cream Saloon
    Holtzman, James L
Produce Dealers
    Williamson & Co.
    Lavelle, John
Iron Manufacturers
    MacGowan, Wright & Co
Road Master.
    Burwell, P L
    Holtzman, James L
    Miliholland, Henry
Justices of the Peace.
    Barth, John
    Lavelle, John
Rolling Mills
    MacGowan, Wright & Co
Fire Brick Manufactory.
    Union Mining Co
    H. J. Kenah.
Steves and Tinware.
    Beall & Carter
    Telegraph Operator.
    Klein, John
Arnold, Jeremiah
Bluchbaugh, Simon
Brailer, Augustus
Combs, John S
Garey, Cornelius
Kimmel, Peter
Kneiram, John
Logsdon, Leo
Logsdon, Peter
Logsdon, Wm
Martin, Jacob
Mattingly, John
Mattingly, Sylvester
Monaghan, Anthony
Pratt, James
Pratt, Wm
Booney, Patrick
Shaffer, Rhinehart
Trimble, Henry
Trimble, Joseph
Trimble, W S
Weld, H T
Workman, W C
Yates, Wm

1891: The Cumberland and Pennsylvania Railroad built two new passenger depots, one in Mt. Savage and one in Frostburg. The Mt. Savage depot was dismantled in 1954.

1893 Town Doctor     George H. Hocking

1894-1904: Father Edward Williams--established the school—Ursuline Sisters from Lexington, Ky. After three years, the Notre Dame succeeded them.

1889: The town court system began when Michael Reagan was sworn in as Counstable. The system was abolished in 1970.

1989 Lingan Strother Randolph  Superintendent of C&P RR

1896: Justices of the Peace William W. Crow and Joseph G. Smith. Terms expire in 1898.

1896:The Mount Savage Enamel Brick Works began operation.

1896: September 8th, the Mt. Savage Fire Company was instituted.

1896: October 14th, the Mount Savage Vol. Fire Co.No.1, Inc. was incorporated

1898: Justice of the Peace Joseph G. Smith. Served till 1900.

1899  C&P built their first business car Numbered 15. It was 37 ft long 

1899  October 24 10:10 AM  Teddy Roosevelt campaigned in Mt Savage

1900: Justices of the Peace Joseph G. Smith and John R. Workman. Served till 1908.

1900: Population 2,646

1900: St. Patricks’ Catholic School was built.

1901: This C&P office building was constructed and served the Mt. Savage Shops.

1901: Union Mining co. Office building built.

1901  September 15 Methodist Episcopal Church  corner stone layed by the Kemp Lodge #154 Rev A.J. Gill of Cumberland gave address.

1901  John Sheridan applies Notice of intension to Organize the Sheridan Nation Bank.....Note: (It never Organized)

Oct. 29, 1901  Patented .   A. RAMSAY.   & Edward Rolfe
APPARATUS FOR VENEERING BRICKS. (Application filed Dec. 7, 1900.)

1905-7 Ray Thomas Stull     Superintendent Enamel Brick Works

1902: The present Methodist Church was built.

1902: The First National Bank of Mount Savage opened for business.

1903: The present Saint Georges’ Episcopal Church was constructed and the bell tower was added in the early 1950’s.

1904 Frances Loretta Mattingly Graduate nursing School at Troy Hospital, Troy NY.

1904  Typhoid Fever Epidemic   120 people stricken

1904-23: Father Dowling came. Strict disciplinarian--the "Curfew" for the school children. Big dance bands and two memorable dances were The Snowball dance and the King Tut dance. Joe Mattingly headed their Built the new St. Patrick's Hall.

1905 Dr Conroy sustained sever injuries, involving perhap the loss of his sight, by explosion of a vial of Nitroglycerine. (Maryland Medical Journal)

1906  General Sales Manager for  Union Mining Co.   Chas. H. Clairborne 1113 Fidelity Bldg. Baltimore Md.

1907 Feb. 23    Old Round House burns......$70,000 Loss according to The Standard Weekly Insurance Newspaper. 1907

1907 C&P round house built (60 ft. Armstrong Deck)

1908: Justices of the Peace John R. Workman and Albert M. Uhl. Served till 1910.

September 30, 1908     
Mr. Walter Rizer. who was formerly located in the blacksmith business in the east end of Mt. Savage, has moved into his new shop, which has just been completed, near the Union Mining Co. brickyard. This is a fine new two-story building and is well equipped  for convenience to the trade in every respect.      Cumberland Evening Times

1908: Judge William Howard Taft and William Jennings Bryan both spoke in Cumberland.

1909 Henry Shriver...Superintendent of the Union Mining Company

1910: Justices of the Peace Joseph G. Smith and Albert M. Uhl. Served till 1912.

1910: Population 3,037

1910-25: "Good old days"--theater parties to Cumberland on C & P train, Holy Name rallies, 4th of July picnics, etc.

1910   An act to incorporate the Andrew Ramsay Corporation. ( IncorporationoftheRamseyCorporation )

1911: July 18th, A delegation from Mt. Savage, consisting of Rev. Father Dowling, Clinton Uhl and W. Bladen Lowndes, together with States Attorney David A. Robb, appeared before the Board of County Commissioners and asked for an appropriation for a police station.

1911 Union Mining Company Wm. L Hamilton Superintended.........Jas. Aldon  Mine Forman

1911  W.B. Lowndes receives large silver punch bowl for his service to the community. Lowndes will be leaving Savage  to a post in Baltimore.
Names on Bowel : A. Ramsay

1912  An hourly motor bus service has been started with 2 machines between Cumberland and Mt Savage. (Power Wagon Magazine 1912)

1912: Justices of the Peace Peter Boyle and William Lambie. Served till 1914.,M1

1912  September 12,  - The Frostburg Fire Department, along with seven other area fire companies (Cumberland Hose Co., Mt. Savage, Chapel Hill, Midland, Potomac #2, Goodwill and Tri-Towns) organized the Allegany Volunteer Firemen's Association. The first convention of the newly formed association was held in Frostburg with all eight of the Charter organizations attending.

1912 J.S. Hemphill resigns as principal of Mt Savage School, Miss Nell Hohing of Frostburg will substitute. ( Atlantic Education Journal   1912)

1913-25: Faye Keiser starred as a professional fighter and fought Tunney (heavy), Harry Greb (middle), Tommy Loughran (light). Jimmy Slattery and 'Bob Martin, the AEF Champion. He was feared by all the fighters and beat top-flight men wherever he fought.

 1914  AN ACT to authorize State Payments for Fire Companies  ( FireCompanyFunding )

1914: Justice of the Peace Peter J. Boyle. Served till 1935.

1915 Liahona: The Elders Journal

A Sunday School has been organized at Mt. Savage, Md., with Elder A. L. Hallstrom, Supt., Sister Annie Norris, Sec'y  and Elder L. W. Singleton and Sister Sarah E. Norris as teachers. Twenty-two were in attendance the second Sunday.

1915, October 1    Teachers at Mt. Savage School   

    1 B. W. Erhard , 1 Sarah Campbell, 1 Ida Bartha , 1 Rachel Hitchins , 1 Mary T. Witte, 2 Emily Williams , 3 Edna Close ,
    3 Kathleen McDermitt , 4 Rosella' Lynch , 5 Kathleen Wolfe

1915  Railway  Gazette   Frostburg, Md.
      A contract has been given to the Luten Bridge Company. York, Pa., to build a 44-ft. concrete span bridge
over the Cumberland & Pennsylvania tracks at Bowery street. Frostburg. The town of Frostburg and the
& Pennsylvania will jointly pay for the improvements, which are to cost $5.340.

1917: The last locomotive built in Mount Savage Shop, C&P No. 33.

1917  Evening School started for Mt Savage residence   Full Story

1818  Flu Epidemic  kills many citizens

1918  C&P built Locomotive sold   

                           2-8-0               Mt. Savage            33                         -1883                      36                    15x18                      56000

                                 Purchased secondhand.

Built as Austin & Northwestern #5, Austin, TX; to Eagles Mere R.R. #3, Eagles Mere, PA, in 1892; to Southern Iron & Equipment Co., Atlanta, GA; to Kingston & Central Mississippi Ry., Laurel, MS, on 6-22-01; to W. S. Carter, Orange, MS, on 9-25-03.

Sold to Southern Iron & Equipment Co. #1264, Atlanta, GA; to Compania Azucarera Madrazo, S. A. #4, Cuba, on 8-26-18.

1919 William Ewald ... Appointed Superintendent of Motive Power for C&P RR

1920: Population 3,185

1920  The Sprats family of Frostburg opens the Majestic theater on Main Street.

1920: Shamrocks: Murray, Farrell, Cunningham, Brannons, Barrett and Campbell.
Joe Carter, coach. Later, the Cindertips: the Holtz brothers, the Green brothers, the King brothers,
Bill Barrett, George Bishields, Mickey Flanagan, Ed Gaughan, Ed Malloy, Leo Powers and Bill Yantz.

1921  Firebrick works expands works, A contract to Golin Gerlach of Frostburg for  a building 50 ft by 90 ft. at a cost of $85,000.

1923: Father Tragesser contributed to the spiritual benefit of community.

1924: The Varnum House was torn down.

1924  Andrew Ramsey, John Ramsey and William Ramsey start an company to manufacture Tile, Brick and artifical Stone under the name VITROX Company.

1925: The Fire Company became a member of the Maryland State Association.

1925: Warren Delano and his enterprise here visited by his nephew Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

1926  April 23  The Majestic Theater purchased by the BiShields, Michael and Coretta.

1926  Jan 1,   Request for Roof repaired on Jail. Granted by the county commissioners.

1927 January 18, Regular meeting of the Board of County Road Directors for Allegany County

Mr. G. Clinton Uhl, at large Committee of Citizens from Mt. Savage Md., were before the Board requesting that the board sanction a Bond Issue
to be brought th the attention of the Maryland Legislature for the building of additional class rooms to schools throughout the
County, more specifically the Mt Savage High School, which is in very great need of such additional room. This matter to be held under advisement.

George Brailer, for the Brailer Mining Company (Corporation) of Mt. Savage Md., was before the Board stating that the Personal Proper of the
above Company had been sold at public auction, and that the Real Estate was now in the  hands of George Brailer and Arch A. Young,
Receivers, now control the Real Estate.

The Cumberland and Pennsylvania Rail Road Company, Filed a report of changes to be made on their account for 1927.
Deductions on same for 1927 in the amount of $ 8,605.50 were ordered for the above year.

The Consolidation Coal Company, Districts # (see report) reported reductions in amount of $ 4,758.37 (transfers) and abatements of $24,882
which were allowed by the Board for 1927.

1928: The Mount Savage Enamel Brick Works ceased operation.

1930: Population 3,100

1931   May 6,  At a regular meeting of the Board of County Road Directors for Allegany County

David Brailer and Joseph Upole and Earl Lepley of Mt. Savage appeared before the Board requesting that the road leading from
the farm of George Brailer toward the Pennsylvania Line be improved. The Road in question being known as the Bald Nob Road, being
approximately two miles long. The above committee also stated that the Arnolds Lane Road was also in a bad state of repair and needed
some attention. This matter to be investigated by Mr. Lefevre,. Engineer.

1932: Father Egan came.

1932  June 17Meeting of County Commissioners.

Mr. Prank Wolfhope, Tax Collector in the City of Cumberland, appeared before the Board of County Commissioners
in the interest of the Mt. Savage Mining Co., Frank B. Jenvey, Treasurer. Mr. Wolfhope stated that the above mentioned
company had not been operating for the past several years with no revenues accruing from any source and that taxes
for the year 1929, 1930 and 1931 were against the property. Mr. Wolfhope requested that some relief be granted by the
County Commissioners in order that the above mentioned firm should not go into insolvency, The County Commissioners
informed Mr. Wolfhope that they would consider the case and make known their decision to him at some later date

1935: Justice of the Peace Robert C. Pollock. Served till 1939

1939: Trial Magistrate Aloysius Monahan. Served till 1951.

1940: Population 3,245

1940: Mt. Savage High School was closed and students went to Beall--stars were Jack Williams, Bob Cassidy, Owen Lashley, Don Rice. At LaSalle, Joe Nolan Bob Deffenbaugh, and Joe Carter.

1944: The ICC granted the Western Maryland Railroad permission to purchase the Cumberland and Pennsylvania Railroad.

1944: Andrew John Rost (1903 to 1999) of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania purchased the assets of the Union Mining Company and operated the brickyard under the name of The Mount Savage Refractory Company Inc. This is the oldest fire clay brick plant in Maryland.

1946: February 26th, Old Rail Post 6025, Veterans of Foreign War of the United States, was instituted and chartered. July 7, 1946 the post home was dedicated. 

1946: The Western Maryland Rail Road moved the maintenance crews from Mt. Savage MD to Ridgeley WV.

1949: May 8th, The Ladies Auxiliary of Old Rail Post # 6025 was instituted and chartered.

1950: Population 2,094

1950  November     Commissioners James Holmes and William H. Lemmert, and Attorney Gorman E. Getty.
    In the absence of the Clerk, James G. Stevenson, (account of illness), Somerville Nicholson
    was appointed Acting Clerk.
    The minutes of the preceding session of November 24, were read by the Clerk and approved as read.

    The following business was transacted: A communication was read to the Board signed by E. L. Riggleman, President of the Barrellville Outdoor Club,
    accompanied by a petition signed by fifty residents, requesting a more active enforcement of the Dog License Law.
   The communication was referred to the County Attorney who conferred with the Magistrate at Mt. Savage and the Constable, who assured the Attorney that the matter
    was receiving their attention and that warrants were being issued for all persons in that vicinity owning unlicensed dogs.

1951: Trial Magistrate, Howard R. Stevens. Served till 1959

1953  C&P integrated into the Western Maryland RR. Track from Mt Savage junction to Mt savage removed.

1954 May 4,  County Commissioners Meeting

William C. Rice, Mt. Savage, Md., appeared before the Board
requesting the Commissioners to repair a road leading off the
Bald Knob Road, and after some discussion Mr. Chapman
informed the Commissioners that this was not a County road.

A communication was received from John F, Gallagher, Mt. Savage ,Md.,
complaining of a very dangerous open sewer in Mt, Savage, opposite the
Methodist Church and in front of St. Patrick's Hall.
Communication referred to the County Roads Supervisor.

1957: Cumberland Glass Co. in Mt. Savage began operation.

1959: Trial Magistrate, Thomas E. Stephens. Served till 1965

1960: Population 1,639

1961: Cumberland Glass Co. ended operation in Mt. Savage.

1964: Bob Robertson signed his Major League Baseball Contract the night of his high school graduation.

1965: Trial Magistrate, John W. Hutzell. Served till 1967.

1965 The Majestic Theater closes after the death of Michael BiShields

1967: Trial Magistrate John Helmick. Served till 1969.

1969: Trial Magistrate, John R. Hutzell. Served till 1971.

1970: Population 1,413

1971 November 23  The regular meeting of the County Commissioners of Allegany County The following business was transacted:

Mrs. Arthur Neder, Mount Savage, came before the Commissioners with reference to an article that appeared in the daily newspaper regarding
strip mining operations above Mt. Savage. She noted that the permit from the Buffalo Coal Company was rescinded by the Department of
Water Resources until complete reclamation plans were submitted. She stated that through the efforts of a group of Mt. Savage citizens, the
Department of Water Resources had checked into the pollution of water going into their reservoir. Mrs. Neder also called attention to the
danger to school children who must travel Bald Knob Road in order to meet school buses, and stated that heavily loaded trucks speed over this road
creating a very hazardous situation. She further reported, she has informed Mr. Radcliff and Mr. Preskorn that she will not allow her child
to travel this road until something is done about the situation. CommissionerSmith stated that this strip mining company has not been issued
permits of any kind by any agency and that none will be issued until these companies can prove to the Commissioners that they will be responsible
for damages incurred. He further informed her that Attorney Anderson will meet with the County Roads Superintendent to discuss what action will
be taken regarding non-compliance with county regulations

1973: Monument at west intersection of Main and Railroad Street was demolished.

1975: May 12th, The Mason-Dixon Lions Club Inc. is chartered to serve the communities of Mt. Savage, Corriganville, Wellersburg, and Ellerslie.

1976: October 8th, The Varsity Pub was opened by Ron and Cora Carter. Sold February 27, 2004.

?: Bank bought by First National of Maryland

?: Bank Closed

?: Republic Lumber Company ceased operation in Mt. Savage. The Company is still in operation by Andrew J. Rost’s grandson David W. Rost. (2003)

?; Mount Savage Specialty Refractories begins operation in the old C&P Shop area near Foundry Row.

1980: Population 1,640

1985 August 24   Last train out of Mt Savage.   3 car loads of brick.

1987: Mount Savage Refractories moved operations to the Kaiser Refractories Plant in Zihlman.

1987: New Fire Station constructed in Mullaney’s Field.

1995: November 11, Veterans War Memorial was dedicated at Mount Savage Park.

1998: Mt. Savage School gets renovated.

1999  Mount Savage Castle gets mentioned in Murder at the Watergate by Margaret Truman Page 349

2001: School Consolidation changes Mt. Savage School from K thru 12 to K thru 8. High School students are transferred to Beall High School.

2002: January, New Post Office opened at intersection of Main Street and New School Road.


Mount Savage Excerpts from The Cumberland Times
transcribed by Charles Often

22 Jul 1910 Mr John Smith died at his home on Hill St (20 Jul) from an attack of inflammatory rheumatism. He had been ill 10 months and confined to his house most of the time. He was born in Germany in 1844, came to the US with his parents at the age of 6 months, and lived in Mt Savage. He began work at the Mt Savage furnace and worked there until 1869 when he came to Frostburg to work as a miner up until last December when he was forced to retire due to ill health. He married Miss Anna Farraday of Mt Savage in 1868, she having died a number of years ago. He is survived by 1 son and 4 daughters; John Smith and Miss Annie Smith of Frostburg; Mrs Albert Weimer of Frostburg; Miss Effie Smith, employed at Rosenbaums in Cumberland; and Mrs Clifford Beddington of Mt Savage; and 2 brothers, Charles Smith and George Smith of Mt Savage. Interment in Allegany Cemetery.

BARNES 23 Apr 1912 Miss Olie Etta Barnes, dau of Mr Frank J Barnes of Silver Mills PA married to Mr John Edgar Sheetz, son of Mr & Mrs Robert Nelson Sheetz of Mt Savage MD.

BARRETT  04 Dec 1878 Mrs Catherine Barrett of Mt Savage died at home Monday (2 Dec). On Nov 5, she gave birth to her 4th set of twins and now she leaves a family of 9 children. Other sisters have died also leaving children in the orphanage totaling 15 children, now increased to 24.

BARRETT  09 Jan 1888 Mr Barrett of Mt Savage, died Saturday (7 Jan) of paralysis. He was 72 years of age and lived in Mt Savage for 48 years, working for the Union Mining Co. He leaves a wife and 9 children. The funeral is today from the C & P RR station and burial in St Patrick's Cemetery.

BARRETT  20 Oct 1890     MR John L Barrett of Mt Savage died Friday (18 Oct) and the funeral was today. He leaves a wife and 7 small children. He was born and spent his entire life in Mt Savage.

BRAILER  10 Apr 1901 Mr Jerome Brailer, unmarried son of the late August Brailer, died yesterday at Mt Savage, aged 25 years. He was in the mercantile business until a few months ago. His mother, Caroline Brailer and the following brothers and sisters survive: George C.; Emily; Mrs Martha Miller, wife of Joseph Miller; Theresa; David; Rose; and Mary Miller Brailer-all of or near Mt Savage; and also, Polycarp Brailer and Catherine Brailer who live in Nashport, Muskingham Co, Ohio.

BRIDGES  06 Jan 1904 Mt Savage- Mr Benton Bridges died at his home from a complication of diseases. He leaves a wife and 8 children to mourn his loss; Mrs Emma McKusker; Mrs Lucy Holtzman; Miss Bessie and Miss Gracie; Messers, William, Patrick, Joseph and Daniel Bridges, all of Mount Savage. Funeral

BROWNING 06 Mar 1908 Mt Savage MD- Mrs Annie Browning, wife of Elmer Browning, died yesterday afternoon at the home of her mother, Mrs JL Barrett on Mamie St. She had been ill for sometime but had been worse as of late. She leaves behind 4 sisters and a husband, and a child Alice aged 2 years and 4 months.

BURTON  26 Mar 1877 Mr Thomas Burton, of Mt Savage, died and funeral rites were performed at the Centre Street ME Church and the remains buried at Rose Hill Cemetery

BURWELL  22 Apr 1893 Miss Mary Burwell, daughter of P L Burwell, general manager of the C&P RR, died at the residence at Mt Savage. She was 20 years of age and died of paralysis. Burial was Wednesday at Winchester VA.

BYWATERS 05 Apr 1915 Mrs Susan Bywaters, aged 81 years, widow of Charles Bywaters, died Sunday (4 Apr) at the home of daughter, Mrs John Sourbrine on Jealous Row, Mt Savage of paralysis. She was first married to the late John Winebrenner. These children survive : William Winebrenner of PA; J C Winebrenner of Cumberland; Mrs Mary Winebrenner; and Mrs John Sourbrine. The funeral is from the home of Mrs Sourbrine to the St George P E Church with Rev Joseph Ware and burial in the church cemetery.

CAMPBELL  05 Apr 1876 Barney Campbell, fireman on #15 was killed on the C & P RR between Mt Savage and Barrellville yesterday as the train jumped from the tracks. He jumped from the accident but hit a telegraph pole and was then crushed by a coal car. He is a widower, his wife dying about 2 years ago and leaves a family of several children

CARTER   30 Dec 1889 Mary Ann Carter, familiar as "Granny Carter" of Mt Savage, died yesterday at the advanced age of 106 years and 10 months. She was a lifelong resident of Mt Savage and will be buried at Maryland Mines tomorrow. She was a member of the Catholic Church.

CASEY  22 Jul 1878 Jesse Casey, age 13, son of Mr Abraham Casey of Mt Savage was struck and killed by lightning at his home. Mr Casey and another son, Robert, were also struck by lightning but lived.

CLARK  20 May 1878  Mr Martin Clarke died Saturday (18 May) at his home in Mt Savage. He was a merchant for 40 years and suffered from a chronic rheumatism for the past 27 years, helplessly for the past 10 years

CONWAY   23 Jan 1891 The wife of Mr Peter Conway, aged 40 years, living at Mt Savage, died this morning in bed, a result of heart failure. Her husband who is a conductor on the C&P RR and 8 children survive.

CRAWFORD  23 Mar 1899 John C Crawford and Elizabeth Cassidy, both of Mt Savage have taken out marriage licence in Cumberland.

CUNNINGHAM  03 Jun 1891 Miss Mary Cunningham died of typhoid pneumonia on Monday 1 June at her home in Mt Savage. She was to have married next Tuesday to Mr Frank Wehner of Frostburg. The funeral is tomorrow at St Patricks' in Mt Savage.

DAVIS 26 May 1916 Mrs Bridget Davis, aged 74 years, died at the home of nephew, Francis Hull in Mt Savage from acute indigestion. She was a resident of Weston WV but made her home with Mr Hull for the past few years. A son, Frank P Davis survives. The funeral with a High Mass will be celebrated at St Michael's Catholic Church in Frostburg and burial in their cemetery

DAVIS  12 Apr 1898 Mr John Davis, one of the oldest residents of Mt Savage, died on Sunday (10 Apr). He was one of the oldest employees of the old rolling mill of MT Savage. He made the first railroad bar that was turned out of those shops and he straightened out the first bar in the shops at Johnstown. He leaves 3 daughters; Misses Ella and Anna Davis, and Mrs William Piper of Cumberland

DEAN  07 Sep 1900 Mrs Barbara Ellen Dean, a widow living at Corrigansville, died there of typhoid fever this morning , aged 52 years. A daughter, Miss Minnie is also ill with the same illness. She leaves 4 other children: Charles; Theodore; and Mrs Agnes Deffinbaugh all of Corrigansville; and Mrs Mary Lowery of Mt Savage. The funeral is Sunday with interment at Mt Savage.

DELBROOK 19 Apr 1915 Henry Delbrook, 67 years of age, died Saturday (17 Apr) at her home near Mt Savage. His wife and the following children survive: Frank of Mt Savage; George of Pine Hill PA; Harry at home; Mrs R Lepley of Mt Savage; Mrs William Hasselrode of Glencoe PA; Mrs James Lepley of Ellerslie; and Miss Martha Delbrook at home. The funeral services are in the German Reformed Church at Wellersburg and burial in the church cemetery.

DEVORE  06 Feb 1889 Jacob Devore died today at the residence of sister-in-law Mrs Thrasher at Mt Savage in his 87th year. He had a farm on Little Valley Road, 5 miles from the city, and leaves 2 sons, John & Frank Devore and one daughter, Maggie, married to Mr Thrasher at Mt Savage.

DOYLE  01 Jul 1890 Edward Doyle of 31 Maryland Avenue, died yesterday, aged 45 years. He was born in Mt Savage and lived in Cumberland for a number of years working in the rolling mill as a puddler. About 6 months ago, he went to Roanoke for employment, got sick on Sunday and returned here where he died. He leaves a wife and 6 children. His body is being taken to Mt Savage on the C&P RR for interment.

DREYER 21 Dec 1914 George John Dreyer, 71, died 19 Dec 1914; born in Mt Savage, he was a boat builder for the Chesapeake & Ohio Canal and later a policeman. He married on 23 Apr 1865 to Miss Elizabeth Kayser and they had 10 children, 7 of whom survive; Mrs TB Walley; Mrs Charles Curpper; Mrs Margaret Holbrock; Mrs Ambrose Murphy; Misses Lucy and Nellie Dreyer; and Fred C Dreyer; deceased are Clara, George, and Clarence Dreyer

EATON  08 Apr 1875 Mr Balaam Eaton, working at the Mt Savage Fire Brick Works, fell into the grinding pan and was ground to a shapeless mass of flesh and bones. He was sitting on a wheelbarrow and turned about, tilting the wheelbarrow and fell. He leaves a widow and one child and was about 24 years of age. Funeral today at Mt Savage.

ELLIOTT 03 Feb 1909 Mt Savage- Mr James Elliott, who moved here from Cumberland Valley two years ago, died Tuesday morning (2 Feb) at 5 o'clock sitting in his chair, as was his custom in the mornings. He is survived by his wife and eight children: William Elliott-Pueblo CO; Mrs bessie Hardinger-Utah; Joseph and Charlie Elliott of Elk Garden; Frank of Eckhart; Mrs John Bridges; Clifford and James of Hyndman. The funeral is from the ME Church.

EVANS   15 Jun 1897 Mr William H Evans died yesterday in Frostburg, age 55 years. He was born in Tredegar, Wales in 1842, arrived in America in 1864, came to Mt Savage in 1866 and joined the family of the late James B Thomas, superintendent of the Consolidation Coal Company at Mt Savage. In 1869, he came to Frostburg and clerked for Douty, Paul and Co and for Mr Thomas before going into business for himself. He leaves a widow and two sons and one daughter

FAIRBANKS  17 Jul 1895 Information has been received about the death of Mrs N K Fairbank, daughter of the late John A Graham as she died at her home in Chicago on Monday 15 July after an illness of six weeks. She was formerly a resident of Mt Savage. Mr Graham came from New York and was president of the Mt Savage iron works between 1850-1856

FARRELL 27 Apr 1915 Patrick Farrell, aged 79 years, died of pneumonia at his home in Mt Savage last evening. He had worked for the C&P RR for over 50 years prior to retirement two years ago. His widow and 5 children survive: John D Thomas, William M Thomas, Mrs William Brannon, all of Mt Savage; and Mrs P B Cain of Midland; and Mrs Henry Pressman of Frostburg. The funeral is at St Patrick's and the burial is at St Patrick's.

FARRELL  20 Jun 1888 Mr James Farrell of Mt Savage, but recently of Watertown NY in the blacksmith business, died there last Monday (18 Jun) following a short illness. His remains were brought to Mt Savage on the Pennsylvania RR for burial.

FINDLAY  05 Mar 1894 Mr William Findlay of Mt Savage, died at his home yesterday, aged 83 years. He was born 18 Jan 1811, at Kirkmuirhill, Leesmahagow Parrish, Lanarkshire Scotland. He married Miss Margaret Watson in 1832, and came to Frostburg in 1838. Of the 7 children born, 2 survive; James Findlay, a foreman of the Union Mining Co clay mines; and Mrs Helen Hinckle, widow of John Hinckle who died in 1882. The funeral is tomorrow at Mt Savage. (10 paragraph story of his life). 07 Mar 1894 (The funeral article, 9 paragraphs), and 14 March 1894 A short description of the will and distribution).

JENKINS  10 Jan 1902 Mr Edward Jenkins of Mt Savage MD, died at Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore in his 66th year. He was in ill health for some months, finally going to Johns Hopkins for treatment in December. He was born in Berryville, Clarke Co, VA in 1836. Her served in the Army of the Confederacy in the Civil War as a member of Co A; 6th VA Cavalry, Fitzhugh Lee's Division, Lomax's Brigade, Stewart's Cavalry and was a lieutenant in the Virginia State Militia at the execution of John Brown. Later, he was a coach builder of the C & P Railroad Co. His wife, Miss Lucy Ellen Mason of Clarke Co, VA died 6 years ago. The following children survive: John E Jenkins, William Jenkins, Daniel T Jenkins, and Mrs HC Haus- all of Mt Savage. The funeral is at the ME Church of Mt Savage, Rev Mr Thomas officiating. (Article of several paragraphs

JENKINS  23 Apr 1894 Mrs Lucy Jenkins, wife of Edward Jenkins of Mt Savage, died Sunday Morning(Apr 22) from dropsy. She was a Miss Mason of Clarke Co VA and was in her 58th year. The funeral is tomorrow from the ME Church with Revs. Still and Nott presiding. Burial will be in St John's P E Cemetery .

KANE  16 Mar 1903 Mt Savage MD- Funeral for Mrs Michael Kane was Sunday (15 Mar) from St Patrick's Catholic Church. She was one of the oldest residents and respected by all. She leaves 3 children to mourn her loss; Mrs Joseph Miller of this place; and Messers John and Harry Kane of Washington DC. Mrs Kane was a daughter of Mr & Mrs Philip McMahon.

KENAH  27 Jan 1890 Henry J Kenah died of apoplexy at his residence at Mt Savage in the 63rd year of his life. Born at Castle Martyr, Cork Co, Ireland on 17 Jan 1828, he came to this country in May 1850, working first at Baltimore, and in 1854, came to Mt Savage, working for the C & P RR, working his way up to Master of Transportation

KIRBY 15 Mar 1904 Mrs Sarah Kirby, wife of Mr Philip Kirby, died last night at her home in Mt Savage. She was 76 years of age and spent the greater portion of her life in Mt Savage. Her husband was a wagon maker and worked his trade in Cumberland, the family residing there for a while. Mrs Kirby leaves besides her husband, these children, all in the Mt Savage area; Messers, William, Philip, George and Mrs George H Rizer (whose husband was killed about a month ago in a clay mine); and Mrs James Crow. The deceased was a sister to Messers Samuel and William Metz; Mrs JHB Mahaney and Mrs William Morehead of this city; and Mrs Kate Muster of Dayton OH; (Messers Joe and George Metz of the Standard Oil Plant in this city are ˝ brothers of the deceased). The funeral is Thursday at Mt Savage.

KNEPP  25 May 1874 Saturday (23 May), a train of the C&P RR exploded above Mt Savage at the "Y" and sent the engineer Joseph Knepp into the air and then falling onto the tracks as the engine passed over him. The fireman, Mr Rizer was scalded about his person. Mr Knepp was a 27 year old resident of Mt Savage with a wife and 2 children. Mr Knepp replaced Mr Joseph Rodenbaugh for this trip only . His funeral is from the German Lutheran Church.

KREIGBAUM 24 Jun 1891 Miss Bessie Kreigbaum of this city and William Arnold of Mt Savage were married by Rev Father Brennan at the parsonage of St Patrick's Church on Centre Street

LASHLEY 08 Jan 1909 Mr Matthew lashley, aged 24 years, died at his home in Mt Savage this morning of lung trouble. He was in good health until 2 years ago when he caught a severe cold. He is survived by his parents , eight brothers, and four sisters; Warren, Milton, Amos, Benjamin, Charles, Robert, Ralph, and Wayne; Mrs William Creager, Mrs Finley Bennett, Miss Jennie and Miss Ethel. Mt Savage ME Church.

LASHLEY 08 May 1907 Mr Jacob Lashley, father of Thomas B Lashley, a cashier at the Commercial Savings Bank, this city, died at his home in Flintstone last night at 9:20 o'clock, aged 84 years, from infirmities of old age. He was born and lived in Flintstone all his life. From 1870 to 1883 he conducted business in Flintstone under the name of Turner & Lashley. He then withdrew from the firm and was succeeded by his son Thomas B Lashley. From 1870-1885 he was the postmaster in Flintstone. He was a member of the ME Church for 50 years. His wife, Miss Louisa Elbin died several years ago. He is survived by 4 sons; William Lashley, Thomas B Lashley, CG Lashley and JM Lashley and also one daughter Mrs James Ash.

LASHLEY 20 Mae 1899 Mrs Louisa Lashley, wife of Joseph Lashley, a merchant at Flintstone, died yesterday, aged 75 years. Her death was caused by cancer that appeared 3 months ago and from which she suffered terribly during the last days of her illness and had to be kept under the influence of opiates. She was a member of the M E Church and was noted for her hospitality. Besides her husband are 5 married children: Thomas B of this city; Charles G and John of Davis WV; William Lashley and Mrs James Ash of Flintstone. The funeral is tomorrow from the M E Church of Flintstone, Rev George Harris of Eckhart officiating with interment in the family burying ground.

LASHLEY 22 Sep 1910 Mt Savage- Mr Amos Lashley, who has been ill for the past 6 months, passed peacefully away yesterday morning at his home on Calla Hill at 4 o'clock . Mr Lashley is survived by his wife, formerly Miss Harvey of Frostburg, his parents, Mr & Mrs Lashley and the following brothers and sisters; Warren of Evansville PA; Milton-Cumberland; Wayne, Benjamin, Charles, Robert, and Ralph-Mt Savage; Mrs William Creiger, Mrs Henry Bennett; Mr Samuel Frankenberry, and Miss Jennie Lashley.

LASHLEY 23 Apr 1903 Miss Hilda Winters and Mr William Lashley of Cumberland were married at the Methodist Protestant parsonage on Wednesday evening 22 April, by Rev WA Melvin. The groom is a brakeman for the B & O. They will reside at 2 Lena Street.

LASHLEY 28 Dec 1910 The Lashley Family of Elbinsville Have Reunion--- Those present :Mr & Mrs Jacob H Lashley and children; Mr & Mrs Theodore Lashley and children of Mannford OK; Conda Lashley -Baltimore Ave; Edmund Lashley-Huntingdon College; Miss Gladys Lashley; Mrs George Foster-Pittsburgh.

LEASURE  23 Jun 1897 At St Paul Lutheran Church, this city, Miss Rose Nell Leasure and Mr John Rompf will be joined in bonds of matrimony by Rev T J Yoste, pastor of the church. After the wedding a dinner will be served at the home of an aunt of the bride, Miss Mattie Rowe on Charles St. The bride is a daughter of Mr Joshua Leasure of Mt Savage. The groom is connected with the tailoring establishment of Mr H H Mansbach.

LYNCH   14 Sep 1899 Mt Savage- Mrs Michael Lynch died on Saturday (9 Sep). She was a member of the St Patrick's Church. She was about 42 years of age and leaves a husband and 11 children, many still at home. She was the oldest daughter of Mr & Mrs William Aldridge of this place.

MALLOY  19 Jul 1901 Mt Savage- Mr Thomas Malloy, died yesterday at his home after an illness of some time and a stroke yesterday from which he did not recover. He was 70 years of age, a native of Ireland living in the Mt Savage area for 50 years, working on the C & P railway. He is survived by a widow, Miss Logsdon and these children: Mrs Jno. Tansey of Mt Savage; Mrs James Ryan of Frostburg; Mrs Michael Reagon, Mrs James Stephens, Mrs Charles McNamee, Mrs Henry Mullaney, and Miss Callia Malloy all of Mt Savage; and also, Messers, John and Thomas Malloy of Mt Savage, machinists with the C&P RR; and Edward Malloy, a divinity student at St Mary's in Baltimore. Also, 2 brothers, George and Michael Malloy of Mt Savage; and 2 sisters, Mrs Richard O'Neill of Mt Savage; and Mrs Jerome Readle of Pittsburgh. Funeral from St Patricks of Mt Savage.

MARKLE 16 Apr 1915 Frank Markle, aged 57 years, died today at the Allegany County Asylum from a stroke of paralysis. He was a resident of Mt Savage where his remains will be taken.

MATTINGLY  06 Apr 1891 Sylvester Mattingly, the last of 8 brothers of long living, died yesterday at his home in Mt Savage in his 71st year of life. He leaves a wife, 4 sons, 5 daughters; 2 of whom are Sisters of Charity, another is married and lives in Garrett Co, and another the wife of Thomas Carney of Mt Savage and another unmarried at home. One of the sons are Rev father Mattingly of Oakland MD. The funeral is tomorrow at St patrick's Church in Mt Savage.

McCAUGHN 10 Mar 1915 Daniel McGaughn, aged 58 years, died at the home of a sister, Mrs James J Thompson, Mt Savage, on Tuesday (9 Mar), from liver illness. He is survived by: 3 brothers, James of McKeesport PA; John of Frostburg; and Archie of IL; and 5 sisters, Mrs Mary Hartman of KY; Mrs Margaret Snyder of Cumberland; Mrs James Thompson of Mt Savage; Miss Sarah McCaughn of Baltimore; and Miss Katie McCaughn of Oakland CA. The funeral is Friday with Mass at St Patrick's Church and burial at St Michael's Cemetery of Frostburg.

McNULTY  22 May 1890 Mr Thomas McNulty of Mt Savage fell from a train of the C & P RR and died this morning. He had been affected with epilepsy and leaves a wife and a large family. The funeral is from the Kingsley M E Church and burial in Rose Hill cemetery.

NOONAN  24 Mar 1890 James Noonan of the Union Mining Co, Mt Savage, died this morning of pneumonia. He was the brother of Thomas Noonan of Cumberland. He was in his 58th year and leaves a wife and 6 children.

O'BRIEN  17 Nov 1894 Mt Savage- The funeral of Mrs O'Brien, who died on Tuesday (13 Nov), took place from St Patrick's Church today. She was a Miss Farrell of Mt Savage before her marriage to Mr O'Brien at Washington DC, five years ago where she has since resided

PARKER  29 Jun 1903 Mrs Josiah Parker, who died in Vale Summitt on Saturday (27 Jun) morning of nervous prostration, was a model Christian in every respect. The following children survive; Walter T of Vale Summitt; William, Milton, Lewis, and Joseph-all of Pittsburgh; and Mesdammes, Mrs Thomas Sleeman and Mrs Arthur Grey of McKees Rocks PA. Also, a sister, Mrs Sara Baker of Mt Savage and Mrs Sarah MacFarlane of Morantown. The funeral is from the residence with services at St George Episcopal Church of Mt Savage and interment in the Mt Savage graveyard.

PIPER  13 Jan 1890 Mrs Caroline E Piper, wife of Samuel L Piper, the dispatcher of trains from Mt Savage, died of heart disease at her home, aged 54 years. She was a sister of John A Sills and a cousin of James Reid, the street superintendent. She was found by her daughter in a sitting position on a chair in her room. Rev Baker will conduct services with burial in the M E Cemetery

PORTER  16 Nov 1903 Mr John P Porter, of Mt Savage, died yesterday after a 4 week illness of pneumonia. He was about 65 years, living all of his life here. He was a teamster for the Union Mining Company. He is survived by a wife and these children: Mr John D Porter of St Louis MO; Herbert, Charles, Harry, and Archibald-all of Mt Savage; and Mrs Edwin Goetz and Mrs Christian Lammert, both of Mt Savage.

RARRICK  18 Jan 1888 Mr Peter Rarrick of Mt Savage, employed by the C&P RR as a night watchman, died yesterday morning before reporting for work of apoplexy. He was 48 years of age and leaves a wife and 9 children, the oldest 15 years old. The funeral is tomorrow from his residence in Mt Savage.

ROBINETT 09 Feb 1911 Mt Savage- Mrs Mary Robinett, aged 76 years, who had been in poor health for some time, passed away here Wednesday (8 Feb ) at 12 o'clock. Mrs Robinett had been making her home here with her son Edward for the past 6 years. She is survived by her husband Eli Robinett and the following children: Jerry, Harrison, John, Edward, Emily, Sarah, and Jennie. She was a member of the ME Church. Burial is at the Mt Harmon Cemetery, Williams Road.

SHAFFER 02 Jan 1915 Francis F Shaffer, aged 57 years, a Western Maryland RR machinist, died today at Allegany Hospital of asthma. He is survived by father, Rhine Shaffer of Mt Savage; his widow; three sons, Theodore, George, and Charles; brothers, L A Shaffer and McCarrin Shaffer of Cumberland; and Rhine Shaffer of Pittsburgh PA; and four sisters-all at Mt Savage. Burial is at St Patrick's Cemetery.

SLACK  13 Jun 1877 Col Cornelius Slack, 55 years of age, died yesterday following a short illness. He was a Judge of the Orphan's Court and was born in Carroll Co., MD in August 1821, where his mother, now 90 years of age resides. He was employed by the B & O RR from 1840-1849; then 2 years as bookkeeper for the Frostburg Coal Co; and then, manager of the Mt Savage Iron Works

SMITH   09 Jul 1892 Edward Smith of Mt Savage, was killed at Midlothian Trestle on Tuesday (5 Jul) by being run over by coal hoppers. He was aged 53 years, a miner and unmarried.

TIMMONS  19 Aug 1893 Mrs Mary A Timmons of Mt Savage, aged 85 years, died of paralysis on Sunday (13 Aug) at Mt Savage. A native of Staffordshire, England, she came to this country 50 years ago. Three daughters and one son, Thomas Timmons of Frostburg, survive

UHL 31 Mar 1915 George A Uhl, aged 80 years, died last night at his home in Mt Savage. He is survived by 4 sons and 3 daughters: Charles R; Walter; Albert; and Harry Uhl; and Mrs U I Hilton of Eckhart; Mrs Robert Flynn and Mrs Dallas Chisolm, both of Mt Savage. He had been a carpenter foreman for the C&P RR at Mt Savage. The funeral services are at St George's PE Church and burial in the cemetery of the church.

VanHorn  21 Jun 1877 The family reunion of the VanHorn family at MT Savage, met at the home of Mr & Mrs J F VanHorn. The mother and hostess, Mrs P VanHorn, prepared breakfast for guests, among whom were: Misses Kate and Gussie VanHorn; W H VanHorn of Germantown PA; Mr JD Knaur of Reading PA.

WELD  22 Jul 1893 H T Weld of Mt Savage, died there Thursday (20 Jul). He was a pioneer of this county.

WELSH  23 Jul 1898 Matilda Welsh, wife of William Welsh, died yesterday at her home at Hazen from a stroke of paralysis, aged 59 years. She had experienced two prior strokes. Surviving are a husband and 2 sons, Olen and Allston and also 2 daughters, Miss Rose Welsh and Mrs M Oliver of White's Tannery. One daughter, Napler is deceased. A daughter of Michael Hall, she also leaves 4 brothers, Henry and Wesley Hall of Hazen; Peter W Hall of Mt Savage; and Jackson Hall of Cleveland; and also 3 sisters, Mrs Grafton Brant and Mrs Ben Brant of Hazen; and Mrs Sallie Brant of Cumberland; one deceased brother, James Hall and 4 deceased sisters, Emma, Louisa, Dinati, and Mrs Dennis Yants of Mt Savage. The funeral is at Centenary Church, Rev Howard Schlincke officiating.

WHITE  05 Nov 1877 Mr J Chester White, a fireman of the C & P train #31, was killed on Saturday (3 Nov) in a train wreck between Mt Savage and Frostburg. Mr white was 20 years of age and had a wife and one child. The funeral is at the Mt Savage ME Church

WILHELM 27 Jan 1915 Harry Wilhelm, aged 35 years, son of Mr & Mrs James Wilhelm of Mt Savage, was found dead at the home of John Lemmert on Jealous Row in Mt Savage today as he had been preparing breakfast. He was unmarried and worked in the mines. He is survived by a sister, Mrs Charles Rizer and Mrs John Hawks of Mt Savage and brother Edward Wilhelm of Newburg WV.

WILHELM  11 Aug 1891 John E Wilhelm, aged 65 years, a pattern maker of the Union Mining Co and a steward in the M E Church in Mt Savage, died yesterday afternoon. A widow and 4 children survive. Funeral tomorrow at the ME Church Rev J D Still officiating.

WILLS 27 Apr 1908 Mt Savage- Mrs Edna Wills, who was seriously ill for the past two months, died peacefully on Sunday (26 Apr) at 10 o'clock in the morning.She is survived by her husband, 3 sons and 3 daughters.: Mr Edward Wills of this place; George and Herman Wills of McKeesport PA; William Wills- Piedmont WV; Mrs Charles Hady of Baltimore; Mrs Lawrence Maloy and Miss Rose Wills. Mrs Wills was born in Mt Savage, 61 years ago. The funeral is Tuesday from St Patricks church.

WINEBRENNER 07 Apr 1910 Mt Savage- Mr John Winebrenner, in poor health for the last few years, died Tuesday morning (5 Apr) at 6 o'clock. The following children survive: Jesse Winebrenner, Stewart Winebrenner, Thomas Winebrenner,

WINEBRENNER 30 Jan 1902 Marriage licence- Laurence W Winebrenner of Mt Savage and Florence Blanche Martin of Wellersburg PA. Lawrence Winebrenner, William Winebrenner and Mrs Nathan Crawford. The funeral is this afternoon and interment in the Porter Cemetery near Eckhart.


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