BRICK, TILES, AND TERRA-COTTA    Charles Davis 1895

As the clay has been already ground by the dry-pan, a few revolutions of the wet-pan are sufficient to mix the clay with water and bring it to a proper temper for molding. The clay is usually taken out by hand, either with a loose, ordinary spade or shovel, or by a level-shovel fixed for the purpose. A special style of pan is used by the Union Mining Co. of Mount Savage, Md. In this pan the rim is loose and does not revolve. In the rim is a gate which opens into the pan. When a charging of clay is put into the pan and is sufficiently tempered, the gate referred to is opened and the clay is automatically discharged, and the pan is then ready for another charging of clay. This is an ingenious plan and a great improvement upon the ordinary pan. The clay after being prepared is carried to the tables of the various molders by an endless belt, where the brick are to be molded by hand.