James A. Millholland was as a railroad executive, serving as General Manager and later President of the George's Creek and Cumberland Railroad in Cumberland, Maryland.

James A. Millholland's father, James Millholland (1812-1875), railway master mechanic, is particularly well known for his invention of many railway mechanisms. His association with the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad Company as master machinist spanned fifty years in the early development of the American railroad. The senior Millholland's inventions and contributions include the cast-iron crank axle, wooden spring, plate girder bridge, poppet throttle, anthracite firebox, water grate, drop frame, and steel tires. He was also an early user and advocate of the superheater, the feed-water heater, and the injector. Several of his innovations were adopted as standard practice by the railroad industry. For further information see: (White, John H. "James Millholland and Early Railroad Engineering". Contributions From the Museum of History and Technology #252 (1968): 3-36.)

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