Railroad-Marked Winchester Model 1892 Rifle

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This is an early Model 1892 rifle that appears to have once been the property of the Cumberland & Pennsylvania Railroad.  Antique Serial number is in the 27,000 range which dates this rifle to 1893 production.  Standard sporting rifle configuration with 24" octagon barrel, full magazine, and crescent rifle buttplate.  Caliber is 32 WCF. 

This rifle however was a small Eastern railroad that operated in Maryland during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  While its interesting to know where a gun went and how it was used during its working life, we're not attaching extra value to this marking...its just neat and if you're a Winchester from PA, MD, or into Railroad memorabilia, this probably would be a little more interesting than your average Model 1892.  Furthermore, at the time I purchased it, it  was one of a pair of rifles with this marking...both rifles were identical, same caliber, same condition, same year production, and had "C. & P. R.R." stamped on the barrels. Neither rifle appeared to have had much use either showing only storage wear and perfect bores. The owner got these both from the same estate and mentioned they once belonged to the Cumberland and Pittsburgh Rail Road.  I believe however that what he probably meant was the Cumberland and Pennsylvania Rail Road.  The condition of bloth rifles was indicative of ownership by a Company or Police Dept where a gun was stored but rarely used.  It was probably kept in a rack or inside a Rail Car to protect US Mail or a pay roll.  At any rate, this is the only I purchased at the time.

The rifle is in NRA Antique Excellent Condition overall.  The frame has full coverage of original blue, about 90-95%, with some brown freckling mixing in from age.  Even the upper tang retains full coverage of blue showing no handling wear...just some light freckled patina mixing through the bright blue.  The loading port still shows almost all of its bright fire blue with hardly any wear showing from loading.  Bolt has 98% bright shiny blue with all fire blue remaining on the extractor.  The hammer shows 85% case colors while the lever shows about 60% darkened colors.  Even the buttplate shows fading case colors.  The barrel and magazine tube have 97% strong original blue intact with original front and semi-buckhorn rear sights. The only bad thing I can find to say about this rifle is there is some pitting on the face of muzzle from poor storage..probably from being stored downwards on a wet surface.  Nonetheless, the bore is absolutely perfect...like new...bright and shiny with perfect rifling and no pitting.  That's pretty tough to find on a 32-20.  The action and mechanics are like new.  Very Good screws overall.  This rifle still retains all of its early style markings including the 2 line Winchester barrel address, Patent and Model designations on the upper tang, and early style checkering on the hammer with the scarce decorative or dipped border pattern only found on early 92's.  The rear of the barrel is stamped "C. & P.R.R." in three places on the barrel just behind the rear sight. The wood is in Excellent condition...completely untouched with only light handling marks.  The stocks are still a light orange-reddish hue with 95%+ original varnish.  No chips, cracks, or repairs, of any kind.  A very strong example of an early 1892 lever action rifle with a bonafide railroad history.

Item# 0408

$2695.00 SOLD

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