Who’s Who on the C&P

P. Stakem, last update 1/95


Name Location position date

Albridge, John Engineer

Albridge, Wm. Engineer 1872

Arnold, Calvin Brakeman 1910

Arnold, Calvin Eckhart Conductor 1940-1943

Baker, Chas. Mt. Savage shop 1903

Barnard, James fireman 1872

Barth, Herb Mt. Savage shop 1903

Beachley, Chas. E. New York Sec/Treas 1937

Beall, Lou Brakeman

Beall, Lou Conductor 1890’s

Best, Fred Mt. Savage shop 1903

Bostetter, Dr. H.J. Mt. Savage Co. Physician 1927

Bothwell., Carney Westernport

Brant, Grant Brakeman

Brant, Grant Conductor 1910

Bridges, Dan Brakeman 1913

Bruick, Henry T. Mt. Savage Supt. Motive Power 1892

Burns, W.F. Baltimore Director 1884

Burwell, P.L. Cumberland Res. Agent 1884

Butt, Jack Engineer 1880

Butts, John Engineer 1870 +

Carney, Jack Mt. Savage shop 1903

Carter, E.J. Conductor 1943

Chisholm, Abram Brakeman 1943

Clark, A.J. Brakeman 1872

Clark, J.W. Fireman 1872

Claus, William Cumberland Gen. Mgr. 1937-1940

Claus, William Cumberland Eng. M. O W. 1927

Coleman, John brakeman 1872

Conaway, F. brakeman

William T. Sherman Crow

Granddad worked for the Cumberland & Potomac Railroad (C&P RR) as a machinist, brakeman, and conductor.   He had a piece of the original iron rail made in Mt. Savage, Maryland.  This was the first iron rail made in the United States.  This piece of rail was presented to the Mt. Savage Historical Society in 2006.  An article in the Cumberland Evening Time dated May 15, 1917 describes how Granddad lost his leg:
"William Crow(e), of Mt. Savage, was removed to the Miners Hospital last evening.  The right leg was crushed off when he was thrown from the front end of his engine as the train sideswiped other cars while going into the switch at Union Mine at Allegany.  Mr. Crow is married and has a wife and one child.  He was employed as a brakeman."

Cosgrove, Mike Engineer 1923

Deffenbaugh, Von Engineer

Delano, Warren Director

DeRose, Edward New York Director 1884

Derwick, Harry Mt. Savage shop 1903

Dickle, Francis Eckhart Fireman 1940

Dixon, Edwin T. Cumberland Auditor 1937

Donnell, Wm. Baltimore Director 1884

Dougherty, J.J. Cumberland Dispatcher 1927-1940

Dulaney, John Mt. Savage Supt. Motive Power 1927

Ellioy, Sam Mt. Savage shop 1903

Ewald, William Mt. Savage shop foreman 1890-91

Farrell, Gerald Mt. Savage Road Foreman Eng

Farrell, Gerald Mt. Savage Engineer 1916

Farrell, Gerald Mt. Savage Fireman 1943

Farrell, John M. Engineer 1912

Fazenbaker, Conrad Piemont 1983

Fazenbaker, Osborn Westenrport Engineer 1907-1930

Fisher, A.C. Cumberland Chief Train Dispatch 1927-1940

Fisher, George Brakeman 1912

Flynn, Robert Conductor 1925

Forbes, John M. Director 1853

Frankl, John M. Engineer 1917

Frick, W.F. Baltimore Director 1884

Garrett, Robert Baltimore Director 1884

Graham, John President 1853

Gregg, John Baltimore Director 1884

Groter, John Flagman 1943

Gunning, James Conductor 1872

Hanks, William L. Mt. Savage Engineer 1872

Harden, William (Capt) Mt. Savage Conductor

Hause, Perry Fireman

Hill, Carl fireman 1923

Hill, Robert C. New York President 1937-1941

Hogan, Thomas Engineer 1874

Hotchkiss, Richard Engineer 1943

Hoven, John Conductor 1872

Howson, N.W. Mt. Savage Master Of Mach. 1884

Hughes, Peter Brakeman 1943

Jeffries, Jethro Flagman 1925

Johnson, Walter Fireman 1942

Jordon, Wm. Master Mechanic 1872

Kalbaugh, Dr. Z.T. Piedmont Co. Physician 1927

Kelley, James 1872

Kenah, H.J. Master of Transport. 1884

Kerns, Buzz Cumberland

Klein, C.W. Sec/Treas 1884

Koon, Dr. Thomas W. Cumberland Med. Examiner 1927

Koon, Dr. Thomas W. Cumberland Co. Physician 1927

Kratz, George W. New York Controller 1937

Lamb, Charles Fireman 1917

Lashley, Robert Brakeman 1925

Lemmert, Arthur Fireman 1910

Lemmert, Arthur Engineer 1942

Liller, Everett Fireman 1912

Lynch, John Cumberland

Malloy, John Mt. Savage shop 1903

Malloy, Tom Mt. Savage shop 1903

Mayer, Charles F. President 1870-1884

John Henry Maser

Cumberland, MD Evening Times August 31, 1903 News Articles

"Mr. John H. Maser, a carpenter employed by the C & P Railroad, met with a serious accident Saturday (August 29, 1903) morning, while at work on a coal tipple at Ocean, MD, resulting in the loss of part of one leg.  Mr. Maser, while crossing the track in front of an approaching car, slipped and fell with his left leg over the rail, the car running over it severing it above the ankle.

Dr. Smith of Midland, was summoned, who bandaged up the limb and had him placed on 'the' No. 2 Train which conveyed him to Mt. Savage, where he was taken to his home in the Log Row, where Dr. Quarles assisted by Dr. Smith and trained nurse Miss Minnie Aldridge amputated the limb below the knee.  He is resting easy this morning.

McConnel, Wm Supervisor 1933

McIntosh, James brakeman 1872

McMillian, Chas. brakeman

McNeine, Chas. Mt. Savage shop 1903

Millholland, James Mt. Savage Supt. Motive Power 1861

Miller, D.H. Baltimore Director 1884

Miller, Henry Mt. Savage shop 1903

Miller, Thomas Engineer 1925

Misllon, W. Fireman

Moran, Thomas Fireman 1874

Moran, Thomas Mt. Savage Gen. Foreman 1937-1940

Mullan, B.V. Cumberland Xtra Train Dispatch 1927

Mullan, B.V. Cumberland Train Dispatch 1940

Mullen, W. fireman 1934

Murray, Dr. F.A.G. Cumberland Co. Physician 1927

Naughton, James Fireman 1913

Naughton, Frank E. Cumberland Trainmaster 1937-1940

Neader, George Mt. Savage shop 1903

Nearly, Michael fireman 1872

Nisl, Clarence O. Fireman 1925

Norris, Ernest Brakeman 1910

Passarel, Mike Frostburg 1933

Patrick, Herbert Fireman

Paul, Thomas H. Mt. Savage Master Mechanic 1854-1855

Price, Annan Eckhart Brakeman 1940

Reynolds, F.P. Engineer 1910

Richards, VP 1872

Robertson, J.T. Cumberland Gen Mgr 1927

Seckman, Jack Westernport

Shaffer, Charles Westernport Engineer 1912

Slack, C. Supt. 1872

Sloan, Jr., James Baltimore Director 1884

Smith, Frank Mt. Savage shop 1903

Snider, J. Noble New York VP 1937-1941

Stewart, Allen Brakeman

Taylor, John Yardmaster

Taylor, Samual Engineer 1943

Tennent, Sandy 1872

Tiley, R.R. Cumberland Engr. M of W 1937-1940

Uhl, Henry Mt. Savage shop 1903

Uhl, Stanley Westernport

Varnum, Joseph B. Director 1853

Waggle, Jas. fireman 1870 +

Walsh, Owne Westernport

Ward, C.L. (Jake) Eckhart Engineer 1910-1955

Ward, George engineer 1872

Warren, G.B. Troy, N.Y. Director 1884

Weagle, James Fireman 1880

Whitewright, William New York Director 1884

Whitfield, Walter Westernport Fireman 1944

Williams, T.P.

Wilts, Ed Engineer

Winer, Web Conductor 1912

Winslow, John F. Director 1853

Wright, M.C. Cumberland Dispatcher 1927

Wright, M.C. Cumberland Xtra Dispatcher 1927

Zais, Adam Westernport


Claude Loraine (Jake) Ward 13 Jan. 1879 - 1953

Married Elizabeth Mullen  March 13, 1902, Centre St. Methodist, Cumberland   

Lived in Company house, National (Woodland), Md.

still occupied in 1994   Moved to Echhart, Md.   served on Eckhard Branch of C&P for 49 years.